The Perfect Stranger

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FZ in the liner notes:

A door-to-door salesman, accompanied by his faithful gypsy-mutant industrial vacuum cleaner (as per the interior illustration on the "CHUNGA'S REVENGE" album cover), cavorts licentiously with a slovenly housewife.

We hear the door bell, the housewife's eyebrows going up and down as she spies the nozzle through the ruffled curtain, the sound of the little bag of 'demonstration dirt' being sprinkled on the rug, and assorted bombastic interjections representing the spiritual qualities of chrome, rubber, electricity, and household tidiness. The entire transaction is being viewed from a safe distance by Patricia, the dog in the highchair.

From the "You Are What You Is" Tour Factbook (1981) compositions list:

Ne Pas Deranger (work in progress commissioned by Pierre Boulez for his Ensemble InterContemporain)

Martin Herraiz (August 31, 2007-March 9, 2011)

"Jazz From Hell" (the tune) contains not only a quote but an actual SAMPLE from "The Perfect Stranger". Check out JFH from 1'28"-1'31" and TPS from 0'46"-0'49". And he uses the same bit again (cut even shorter) in 2'49"-2'50" in that same track.

Speaking of the progression between TPS, JFH and CPIII, that same snippet appears again exactly at 8'00" on 'Beat the Reaper'. And it actually appears at least once before that, at 7'22". There may be other occurrences in there, but I'd have to listen to the whole track again focusing specifically on those snippets. The connections never end!


Conceptual Continuity


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