Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives: The Collection

The Collection

Crossfire Publications (January 24, 2011)

During 2010, Crossfire rolled out 35 download volumes (a total of 417 tracks) from Paul Buff's archives of Pal and Original Sound recordings. Many of you wanted lossless files rather than MP3s, so we've gone and done it! After more than four years of meticulous work, we are proud to present Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives: The Collection.

We're offering the entire 35-volume set of recordings as WAV files along with a large, 138-page PDF featuring Greg Russo and Paul Buff's historical liner notes, photos and credits. The whole thing comes on a flash drive. Of course, all of the tracks that feature Frank Zappa as a performer, writer, producer or engineer are part of this set. Not only that, you also get 56 bonus tracks (two featuring Zappa) that were not part of the series. All of these bonus tracks were discovered and/or remastered after the series was completed, and you have to buy the entire set to get them.


Tracks Featuring FZ

January, 1961
May, 1961
Late 1962
December, 1962
Original Sound Recording Studios, LA, CA
January, 1963
January, 1963
Early 1963
March, 1963
March 15, 1963
April, 1963
May, 1963
June, 1963
Summer 1963
October, 1963
Fall, 1963
December, 1963
FZ's home, LA, CA
September 13, 1970


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